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Woodstock Police Service - Citizens Police Academy

The Woodstock Police Service is accepting applications for the upcoming 2019 Citizens Police Academy. This is a 9 week program that shows participants the inner workings of the Woodstock Police Service.

Since its inception in 2001, 125 Citizens from our community have gone through the program.

Several Graduates from the Citizens Police Academy have joined our Service as a Constable and numerous have joined our Auxiliary Police Unit.

Participants are selected from residents of City of Woodstock who are interested in getting a taste of every facet of our organization.

The Woodstock Police Service opens its doors and allows the participants to see what happens inside the walls of the Police Station.

Each night participants are shown a different section of the Service. Classes include,

Uniform Patrol

  • Participants are shown how our front line staff respond to daily incidents. They are shown the tools of the trade and how officers deal with different calls for service.

Criminal Investigation Bureau and Intelligence Section

  • Detectives from our Criminal Investigations Bureau show participants how they investigate major cases and more complex investigations.

Community Relations / VASOC

  • Community Relations/School Resource Officers show how they interact with children through the school setting and interact with organizations like Crime Stoppers, MADD and Racing Against Drugs.

Traffic Collision Reconstruction

  • Traffic Officers explain how they reconstruct major collision scenes, use of the RADAR and the Highway Traffic Act.

Forensic Identification

  • Forensic Officers explain how crime scenes are examined and evidence is processed.

Containment / Auxiliary Unit

  • Containment Officers show off the tools of their trade and members of our Auxiliary Unit talk about possible volunteer positions available within our organization.

Firearms and Use of Force

  • Participants get firsthand experience using Officers Use of Force options including Firearm, Taser, Pepper spray, baton and handcuffs.

Ride Along

  • Participants will also have the opportunity to accompany an Officer on a Ride Along to get a front row seat at the front lines of crime fighting in Woodstock.

Graduates will come out of this program with a unique perspective on the Police Profession. They will understand the challenges we face, and what needs to be done to keep our community safe. They will also see how modern and dedicated our Service is, and where we need to go from here.

Upon completion of the Academy, participants will have no affiliation with the Woodstock Police Service, however we encourage them to become involved in VASOC and the Auxiliary Unit if the interest is there.

Applications for the Police Academy can be found on our Website. Please submit a Cover Letter, application and brief Resume to the attention of William Renton, Chief of Police. Closing Date: 16:00 Hrs. - Friday February 1, 2019.

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