Good & Bad Drugs

Good drugs usually refer to medicines that doctors prescribe when you're sick, like medicine for your ear infection. Good drugs also refer to pills like Aspirin for your headache or stomach ache.

*Always follow the directions that come with the medication.

*Never take any medication that wasn't prescribed for you.

Bad drugs refer to drugs that are illegal, like marijuana (pot), ecstasy, cocaine, crack, heroin, acid, meth, steroids, and many others. All these are harmful to your health especially if used often or in large amounts.

Making A Smart Choice

Peer pressure is the most common reason for kids to try smoking, drinking, or drugs. You have to be strong and confident in making your own smart choices.

If friends or kids you know actually offer you cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol, there are many ways of saying "no".


Above the influence
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Drinking Facts

The Cool Spot
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Kids Helpline at 1-800-668-6868 (it’s free to call) Easter Egg