The members of the Woodstock Police Service provide protection, safety and security to the citizens of the City of Woodstock, Ontario.

Woodstock is a thriving city located in southwestern Ontario. The city has much to offer its 37,000 residents including tree lined streets, century old homes, and abundant parkland. Woodstock's history is preserved in its Museum and County Courthouse, downtown buildings and beautiful Victorian heritage homes.


Dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all members of the community.


Accountability | Excellence | Integrity | Professionalism | Teamwork


Since Woodstock was first settled in the early 1800’s, the city has experienced a rich police history. Early law enforcement in the area was conducted by British military veterans who established a system of law based on their British military background.

On 13 May 1865, a by-law was passed to establish a "Town Lock-up", and William Currie, was appointed Chief Constable for the Town of Woodstock. The first Police office and lock up was located in the basement of the present day Woodstock Museum.

The Woodstock Police Department continued to grow and by 1875 consisted of a Chief Constable and two Police Constables. On 01 July 1901, Woodstock was incorporated as a City. This placed policing under the control of a Board of Commissioners.

A long succession of Chiefs continued to guide the force as it grew in numbers and expertise with the longest serving being Chief Arthur R. Moore who was appointed Chief Constable in 1920 and served for almost 30 years.

In January of 1999, the Oxford Community Police Service was formed amalgamating the former Woodstock Police Department, Tavistock Police Service and Township of Norwich Police Service. In addition to the amalgamation of these police services the Oxford Community Police Service assumed the policing responsibilities for the three rural townships of Blandford Blenheim, East Zorra Tavistock, and Norwich. The Oxford Community Police Service commenced these policing obligations in January 1999. Chief Joe Opthof, Chief Rod Piukkala and Chief Ron Fraser, all served as Chiefs of the Oxford Community Police Service.

On 19 October 2009, the Oxford Community Police Service ceased to exist and the Woodstock Police Service was reborn under the direction of the present Chief Rod Freeman. The members of the Woodstock Police Service are proud to carry on the rich historical tradition of providing protection, safety and security to the citizens of Woodstock.


In pursuit of our Mission, we believe in:

  • Ensuring the safety and security of all citizens through preserving the community’s peace and preventing crime
  • Discharging our duties faithfully, impartially and according to law
  • Respecting the fundamental rights of our citizens as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights & Freedoms and the Human Rights Code
  • Treating victims of crime with respect and understanding their needs
  • Developing creative solutions to policing concerns through established partnerships within the community
  • Sharing the responsibility for preventing crime and improving the quality of life with members of the community
  • Striving to excel in every aspect of policing
  • Providing a professional and fulfilling work environment that encourages the personal and professional development of our members
  • Being fiscally responsible with the financial resources we are provided with through the budgetary process


  • Illegal & Prescription Drug Enforcement / Engaging Abuse and Addiction Education Strategies
  • Reducing Property Crimes
  • Addressing Crimes of Violence
  • Improving Roadway Safety
  • Engaging & Improving Crime Prevention Initiatives
  • Developing Training & Career Enrichment Opportunities
  • Encourage Participation in Health & Wellness Initiatives
  • Improving Internal & External Communications
  • Continue Developing Information Technology Systems
  • Improving Woodstock Police Service Facilities & Equipment